Inspired by the georgious Brasilian bucket, a wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these morning.

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  • Finding new ways to style this lace top. Wore it under a slip dress for fancy holiday events, but it works just as well under cozy sweaters too. ❄️ #caseoftheneutrals #mybeigelife #myaritzia #freepeople
  • This fall and winter, I decided to give a little extra love to one part of my wardrobe: my boots! Since then, I’ve been getting a few questions on how to build a practical and pretty boot collection: What basic pairs should I start with? How do I decide on colors? What should I buy if I can only get one pair? What’s your favorite boot brand? 👢👢👢 So I just published a boot guide on the blog! Link in profile. #caseoftheneutrals #modernvagabond #byfarshoes #mybeigelife
  • Taking an imaginary phone call, apparently. 😋 Hope your Monday was a happy one!  #mybeigelife #caseoftheneutrals #myaritzia #vintagestyle
  • Sunday funday 📷: @dmrouth
  • Definitely scuffed my white boots today. But life is for living and shoes are for wearing. Happy weekend! 😋 (And check my stories for a quick how-to on cleaning scuffed boots.) #caseoftheneutrals #ootd #modernvagabond #vagabondshoemakers
  • Been real into layering sweatshirts over turtlenecks lately which is exactly what I wore all the time as a kid in elementary school — a solid red sweatshirt and plaid turtleneck (plaid turtleneck!) was my sassiest combo. 😋 #caseoftheneutrals #everlanewomen #everlane #myaritzia #mybeigelife
  • Yowza I had so much fun sharing my wardrobe tour with you guys yesterday! (Saved it to my highlights for ya!) One of the most asked questions was if I still do a capsule wardrobe — I don’t! ☺️ Don’t let the smaller looking wardrobe fool you, I just don’t like visual clutter so I keep off-season clothes in a separate closet. As much as I love (love!) exploring things like minimalism and capsule wardrobes, I don’t think of myself as a minimalist these days. When I went through a season of depression in 2017, minimalism started feeling like another measuring stick for perfection, so I kindly released it, with gratitude for all it had taught me, and an invitation to come back any time. ✨ #holdlightly #caseoftheneutrals #mybeigelife #postitfortheaesthetic #closet
  • Slowing down to take in the details today. ⚪️ Today marks four months since we moved to Dallas! It’s been such a positive move for us, and so far my favorite thing has been visiting all the museums around the city. Give me a room full of sculptures and I’m a happy cat. Anyone else out there just recently move to a new city/town? What’s been your favorite part about it so far?